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Class 1 canopy
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Diss Museum Visitors

We were treated to some visitors today. Their names are Mrs Farrow and Mrs Fearns and they are from Diss Museum.

Before we began we were able to ask them some questions "do you know what bone this is?"
We thought it might be a rib bone from a pigeon. 

Lewis asked the ladies if they had sent us some shells, it was not them so the mystery remains.

We talked about life 100 years ago. 
Max remembered that naughty children got "whacked with the cane"
Nelson "they did not have school uniforms"
Eden "the children sat in rows"
Aidan "they had gas lamps"
Isla "they had chalk boards or sand boxes"

We were able to look at the artefacts. There were things from a house, a farm and children's toys. Some things were very heavy and we had to be careful. There were mystery objects. 
 This is a hot water bottle.
  This is a rag rug made from old clothes.
 This is a washing dolly for washing clothes.
  What is this lady holding, what is it for? 

  We soon found the noisy objects! What are they? 

 This is a spinning top. What else does it need to make it work?

What was this side of the slate used for?

This is from a tool like a hoe. It should have a long, wooden handle.
 These were used for trimming the hooves of sheep. 

  Clothes pegs for making dolls.

 This old iron would make my arms ache!

The mystery objects.
Could this mystery object be a lawnmower?
For lighting fires?
To hold toast?
To carry charcoal?

Answer: it is for holding toast, correctly guessed by Nelson.

What is this used for?

To put money in?
For glasses?
For playing cards?
Hanging up on the wall?
A picture?
A tapestry?
For something precious?
A phone?
For putting necklaces in?
For saving jewellery?

Answer: Every child in the country got given one of these tins in 1911, inside it was chocolate!
Nobody guessed this correctly but a special prize went to Milly for thinking why it was so thin - chocolate was very expensive.

What is this used for?

Putting wood in the fire?
Take the hooves off animals?
Making horseshoes?
To hook round bulls noses?
To pick up straw?

Answer:  It is used for moving bulls, correctly guessed by Max and Nelson again!

At the end we were able to ask questions.

Elizabeth "Where did you get all the things from?"  From the store at the museum.

Spencer "How do the small shoes fit on the children?" They were for a very young child from a very wealthy home. Poor people could not afford new shoes. 

 People from 100 years ago even wore onesies! They were worn as underwear in those days.

Lewis thanked the ladies for coming to see us. 

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